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The year is 2019, but vintage porn videos are still a thing. Asides the feelings of nostalgia experienced watching the ‘golden age’ of porn, a few adult performers of the ‘80s era made the industry what it is today.

Taking a walk through the past, we’ll be looking at the best adult performers of the 1980s.

  • Peter North: The name Alden Brown might not ring a bell, but Peter North is sure to playback erotic scenes from your favorite ‘North Pole’ series of X rated movies. Alden ‘Peter North’ Brown’s acting career kicked-off as a star of gay porn movies in the mid-1980s before switching over to acting straight X-rated movies, as well as directing his own porn flicks.
  • Ginger Lynn: Ginger Lynn went into the adult movie scene hot in 1983. She’s known as the first female to film an adult flick with Peter North. She held the porn industry for the next three years following her entry, becoming the most recognizable name in X-rated movies. Ginger Lynn widespread fame landed her movie appearances in films like Young Guns II, The Devil’s Rejects and American Pie: Band Camp. Ginger Lynn and actor Charlie Sheen were one time in a relationship.
  • Ron Jeremy: How did a special education teacher shoot to become one of the greatest adult performers of the ‘80s? A few naked pictures sent to the right audience ‘Playgirl’ that’s all it took for Ron Jeremy to have a career change. Following the spread of his ‘nudes’ which was sent by his girlfriend, Ron Jeremy became an instant sensation and started getting calls from lots of adult film directors. He decided to honor a few with hopes of being featured in non-adult movies. However, the universe had other plans for him it would seem as he has so far featured in over 2,000 adult films firmly holding the Guinness World Record for this feat.